Thursday, March 5, 2015

TFIOS Fan-Fiction... After The End

After Gus died it was hard for me to be myself again, it felt like my whole world had taken a crashing. I had fallen in-love and then that love died... literally. My Mum forced me to going back to the support group, right in the heart of Jesus, but that didn't help much; it only reminded me that this was where Gus and I first met. Something great did happen though... I found out that my cancer has gotten better, the tumor in my lungs has shrunk, it is now easier to breathe when i don't wear Phillip. Isaac is good, he has found out that being blind and having no girlfriend isn't as bad as it seems. He comes over often, we talk and play video games together. Sometimes when i take him up to my room I will hand him the book Gus gave me to read... even though he can't see it I know that he can feel that the boy who loved me is watching.

One night after Isaac left, I just lay on my bed with An Imperial Affliction on my chest, debating whether or not to read it again... I take Phillip off and instantly I can't breathe. I try to call for help but all that comes out is a cough filled with blood and mucus. My breathing becomes heavy and I start to feel faint, the edges of my vision turn blotchy and I begin to lose my concentration. I feel a lump in my throat, as though I will vomit all over my bed. The nubs are still in my hand, I fumble around with them for a little bit, once I have a good grip on them i shove them up my nose and run downstairs to Mum, almost tripping on my own two feet. I tell her about what happened panting as I do so, She calls the hospital as we leave the door.

On the way I keep coughing up blood, when we arrive there, I am put in intensive care and am watched over 24/7... Just after my 18th birthday, 17 months after the accident I am set free from my bed; and I am allowed to go home... but that was only the beginning of the war with my health toi come.

Authors Message: This is only chapter 1... and trust me there is so much more to come. There will be ups and down but believe you me it will be good. Thank you for reading my fan-fiction and I hoped you enjoyed it. By the way: Xanthe Philp wrote this

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