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Book Review: Matilda

What it is about: Protagonist Matilda is a young girl of unusual precocity, but often ill-treated by her father or neglected by her mother. In retaliation, she pulls pranks such as gluing her father's hat to his head, hiding a friend's parrot in the chimney to simulate a burglar or ghost, and secretly bleaching her father's hair.
At school, Matilda befriends her teacher, Miss Jennifer Honey, who was astonished by Matilda's intellectual abilities. She tries to move her into a higher class, but is refused by her headmistress Miss Agatha Trunchbull. Miss Honey also tries to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood about Matilda's supreme intelligence, but makes no impression. Matilda quickly develops a particularly strong bond with Miss Honey.
When Matilda's friend Lavender plays a practical joke on Miss Trunchbull by placing a newt in her jug of water, Matilda uses an unexpected power of telekinesis to tip the glass of water containing the newt onto Miss Trunchbull.
Miss Honey reveals that she was raised in part by a hostile aunt, identified as Miss Trunchbull, who appears (among other misdeeds) to withhold her niece's inheritance. In preparation to avenge the latter, Matilda develops her telekinetic gift through practice at home. Later, during a lesson that Miss Trunchbull is teaching, Matilda telekinetically raises a piece of chalk against the blackboard and, in the resulting writings, poses as the spirit of Miss Honey's late father, demanding that Miss Trunchbull concede Miss Honey's house and wages and leave the region forever.
This is soon accomplished, and with the approval of the school's capable and good-natured new Headteacher, Mr Trilby, Matilda herself advances to the highest level of schooling. Rather to her relief, she is no longer capable of telekinesis; this explained by Miss Honey as the result of using her mind in a more-challenging curriculum.
Matilda continues to visit Miss Honey at her house regularly, but one day she finds her parents hastily packing to escape from the police who have incriminated her father for selling stolen automobiles. Matilda asks permission to live with Miss Honey, to which her parents rather uninterestedly agree, and so both she and Miss Honey find their happy ending.
I think that this book is a must read for all ages. I would rate this book 9/10 because I love Roald Dahl's books and he has a very good imagination. So please read this book!

Looking For Alaska Book Review

Looking For Alaska was one for the best singular books I have ever read! In my personal opinion I do in fact think that Looking For Alaska was better than The Fault In Our Stars, reason being is that L.F.A had more mystery and wasn't so predictable.

Would I recommend it?
 Yes I so would!!! If you haven't read it yet, what are you doing with your life? It is an amazing read that I think almost everybody can enjoy and love. I finished the book in a few hours because i just couldn't put it down.

Pros and Cons: 
Pros of the book: 
-It had a really amazing story-line and plot twist.
-The ending felt finished, After I ended it and closed the book i felt satisfied that it was over.
- It still left me wondering but in the most amazing way ever!
Cons of the book: 
- To be honest (and not being biased) I can't find a fault with the book, it was so good and I just couldn't stop reading!

If your deciding whether to read the book or not, do it!!!! Right now!!!! You wont regret it.

Thanks guys,

Funniest Books in the Universe #4

Get ready for Andy Griffith`s Mascot Madness! This book is overflowing with banana suits, sports fails, banana-flavoured milk and tomatoes hurled out of a moving bus and lessons entirely based around bananas! It tells the story of school boy Henry McThrottle and his friends as their P.E. teacher Mr Grunt works them to the bone in order to beat rival school Northwest West Academy(For Stuck-Up Losers) at the athletics day. In order to encourage them to try their best, the teacher, Mr Brainfright dresses up as a banana. Everything is well until Mr Brainfright starts thinking he really IS a banana! He even accuses his class of being murderers just for drinking banana-flavoured milk! A banana like no other!


Laurel was mesmerised, staring at the pale things with wide eyes.
They were terrifyingly beautiful-too beautiful for words.
Laurel turned to the mirro again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head.
They looked almost like WINGS.

By:aprilynni pike

Thursday, March 19, 2015

After The End

Phillip is always in and I cant breath without the nubs. I need help getting out of bed in the morning and doing normal, everyday activities. Life is harder than I thought, the cancer has come back fighting and its brought an army with it fill of sickness and depression. Somedays I wish I never had to wake up in the morning and face the day ahead. I don't attend the support group now and I think that they think Im dead... which doesn't bother me.

8 weeks after coming home I wake up in the middle of the night gaging. Mum runs to my aid and tries to help, I feel myself falling out of consciousness. My brain goes hay-wire and my vision turns blurry. I hear my Mum screaming out my name calling calling for Dad to get an ambulance, but by the time Dad has them on the phone my body has gone limp.

There is no life in my body anymore, only my brain still just alive. I can feel my memories of when I was young flashing like a slideshow at a birthday party. When people told me that as you die your life flashes before your eyes I didn't know they meant like this, it is both wonderful and sad at the same time. I see what my kids might of looked like and what I was going to become... all I hear as my brain finally shuts down is my Mum whispering in my ear "I love you baby, we both do, so does Gus and don't worry you will see him soon enough... Goodnight baby. Forever."

The MAP of TIME:

my book is about...

London 1896. Andrew Harrington's beloved has been murdered by Jack the Ripper.

Claire Haggerty longs to escape the constraints of Victorian society.

For both, timeis the problem: to escape it, to change it, might offer them the hope they need.

As their lives become entangled with that of H.G.

Wells - who is basking in the success of his novel THE TIME MACHINE - all three set off on a desperate flight through the centuries.

Cave bear has no bite!

Hmmm, is it fair to write a review of a book you haven't finished reading? Probably not, but one doesn't have to finish eating a Big Mac to know it's not worth finishing.

Jean M. Auel's Clan of the cave bear is a book I've always wanted to have a go at. However, after 100 pages I knew it was a book that was destined to gather dust on my bedside table. I have to admit that the setting is perhaps half to blame. Cavemen grunting at one another failed to grab me, however it was the predictable plot that really edged this mammoth towards extinction.

The books failure to grab me probably says more about me then the quality of the writing. Luckily for me I was able to take it back to the library and get something else. Let's hope that Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell can make it past the stone age for me. 

Funniest Books In The Universe #3

There are comedy books intended for children, comedy books intended for adults and comedy books that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. One of the latter is Jeff Kinney`s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. Another road trip adventure, Greg Heffley`s journal entries tell us about a family road trip that, like U.F.O: Unavoidable Family Outing, just keeps getting worse and worse. Well, worse for THEM, that is. Everything starts off okay, but takes a dead-end turn when the family stays at the worlds worst hotel, another family`s kids ram a cleaning cart into a wall, Greg tells them off and narrowly escapes an encounter with the kid`s dad, who Greg names Mr Beardo. Then the Heffleys win a pig at a country fair and the pig causes so much trouble(including biting Greg`s finger). Then the parents wallets and phones get locked inside a locker at a water park and the key supposedly gets stolen. The family then decides to go home but even the return trip is not peaceful when Manny tries to run away and the dad meets Mr Beardo for the first time and(like Greg) narrowly escapes him. The best Diary of a Wimpy Kid book yet!

my book

this book i read about was. a little gril who got shoot in the head. and nearly dided but diddnt because they got here in to hosptail before she did. after a hour she died. so her parents  are so sad that she died. hr mum said to take care with evrything the man who shoot her was a india.

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Manga review- Bleach (ブリーチ)

^__^ Hello, it is I, Stevee-Jay. Right now I have been reading the bleach series. I am currently up to volume 40 and so far it has been really amazing. It has all the aspects I love, like action, comedy, thriller and fantasy. The drawings are amazing and detailed, Tite's work is one of the most amazing things I've ever
seen. Anyway, the story is awesome as it has alot of different stories from different characters point of view. The main character- Ichigo - has alot of mysterious to him and you only find out what he relly is halfway through the series. This manga made me cry becaause the characters back stories are relly sad and I just couldn't control myself. If you like action manga, then this manga is for you. O'kay bai-bai.

( ͡0 w ͡0) Department 19 The rising Reveiw

Hey my name is Ben and i shall be reviewing this book im reading so far called  Department 19, The rising. Department 19 is a Vampire,action,book. The three main characters Jamie, Kate, and Larissa are part of a secret military installation called Department 19 who are devoted to hunting and killing/capturing Vampires. one of the main characters happens to be a vampire herself Larissa. im currently on page 99 out of 704. Vampires have Resurrected Vlad the impailer (count Dracula) annnnnnnnnd well idk i have not read that far. but it is a good book so far and i should be able to read all 704 pages

What i'm reading at the moment!

Hey! I'm Alyssa and today I am going to share with you the book i'm reading at the moment. The book that I am currently reading is LBD: The Great Escape by Grace Dent. It is a comedy and romance type of book. I would recommend 13 year olds to read this book.

TFIOS Fan-Fiction... After The End

After Gus died it was hard for me to be myself again, it felt like my whole world had taken a crashing. I had fallen in-love and then that love died... literally. My Mum forced me to going back to the support group, right in the heart of Jesus, but that didn't help much; it only reminded me that this was where Gus and I first met. Something great did happen though... I found out that my cancer has gotten better, the tumor in my lungs has shrunk, it is now easier to breathe when i don't wear Phillip. Isaac is good, he has found out that being blind and having no girlfriend isn't as bad as it seems. He comes over often, we talk and play video games together. Sometimes when i take him up to my room I will hand him the book Gus gave me to read... even though he can't see it I know that he can feel that the boy who loved me is watching.

One night after Isaac left, I just lay on my bed with An Imperial Affliction on my chest, debating whether or not to read it again... I take Phillip off and instantly I can't breathe. I try to call for help but all that comes out is a cough filled with blood and mucus. My breathing becomes heavy and I start to feel faint, the edges of my vision turn blotchy and I begin to lose my concentration. I feel a lump in my throat, as though I will vomit all over my bed. The nubs are still in my hand, I fumble around with them for a little bit, once I have a good grip on them i shove them up my nose and run downstairs to Mum, almost tripping on my own two feet. I tell her about what happened panting as I do so, She calls the hospital as we leave the door.

On the way I keep coughing up blood, when we arrive there, I am put in intensive care and am watched over 24/7... Just after my 18th birthday, 17 months after the accident I am set free from my bed; and I am allowed to go home... but that was only the beginning of the war with my health toi come.

Authors Message: This is only chapter 1... and trust me there is so much more to come. There will be ups and down but believe you me it will be good. Thank you for reading my fan-fiction and I hoped you enjoyed it. By the way: Xanthe Philp wrote this

you know you love violence and mystery

Hello again its Breana bringing you the joy of violence and love and the occasional magic spells as in witch craft and humans turning into beast and bloodsuckers that make you wanna scream mooohaaa.
today ill be talking about the joyful and violent book the cursed ones. This is a powerful story about an eighteen year old girl named Jenn she is a kind loving soul with a dark secret of her own. she is a hunter she is a vampire hunter when she was little her family was killed by vampires and her world was nearly destroyed but she survived. a few years after the war of vamps and humans she went to an school were the teach young girls and boys to kill and destroy vampires but along the way she figures out the one boy that she dearly longs for is a bloodsucking soulless demon but it turns out that he can control his hungry angry and strength just from being around her. Jenn is only eighteen and she is already having problems with her new slaying team but finds out that there is a traitor among her teammates and trying to find out who is the imposter well it be the werewolf Holgar will be the her love Antonio  will it be the white witch Eriko or will be the powerless superhuman Jamie. if you wanna know these answers read this book and you'll sink into the drama.

thats all i got write to you next time on read like a boss Im one of your hosts read yah later.

Manga review- Death note

Yo, my name is Stevee-Jay and today I will be reviewing the manga series Death Note. If you like suspense and drama then I suggest you read this manga. It is based upon the character Light Yagami. He comes across this notebook only to discover that if you right a name of someone, in that notebook, then that person will be killed. This manga has a slow pace to it as new characters come in to the story, adding there own kind of thrill to the story. The manga has 13 volumes all up and has 110 chapters. I strongly reccomened this manga if you are interested in supernatural and thriller genres.

Takashi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba's Death note.

Funniest Books in the Universe #2

Liked Allie Broshe`s blog Hyperbole and a Half? Wish you could carry it around with you? Don`t despair! The book Hyperbole and a Half features the best stories by Allie Brosh, such as The God Of Cake, This Is Why I`ll Never Be An Adult, Warning Signs and Dinosaur(The Goose Story) and some of her other ones, such as The Hot Sauce Debacle, Identity Parts 1 and 2 and the funniest of them all, The Parrot. Try reading it with a mouth full of chocolate milk without laughing! No one will be able to without releasing the lava(the chocolate milk) from the volcano all over the town(any individual unlucky enough to be sitting next to you). Read the book and weep(with laughter)!

Cathy Cassidy

Cathy Cassidy Letters to Cathy
is about There are no questions Cathy Cassidy Hasn't been asked and  isn't  afraid to answer from growing up to dating Making friends following your dreams and much more Through the happy times the mad and crazy times and the days when you simply find yourself asking why? Whatever's Bugging you, Cathy Can Help ......

From Talia

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Fault in our stars review

I prefer books over the movies I have lately just reading the book "fault in our stars" and have just not long finished watching he movie the book was very different to the movie not really the way it was set up but the way I pictured it in my head I really think that it was cool to be able to read this book it was one of those books when u can picture the whole story in your head. 

Why I like reading

Hi! I'm Alyssa. Today i'm going to share with you why I like reading.
I like reading because it helps me get some ideas for my story writing. It also helps me learn new words and helps me with my imagination. I think reading is a wonderful way to make your stories more creative and interesting. It can be really relaxing and it takes you away to a whole new world of reading.

Review: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth by Jack Kirby

This a book that offers a Blatant rip off of Planet of the apes and paper thin characters. Yet, I haven't read anything this alive with energy in some time. Here, Kirby has appropriated a second rate idea and turned it into something full of life and creativity. As always, his art jumps off the page and to be honest, makes much of the mainstream art seen today seem very sedate and stale. The stories my lack sophistication but make up for it with no stop action. If you like adventure, talking lions, giant animals and crazy post apocalyptic worlds be sure to check out Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth.

Funniest Books Ever!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I'm Lucille and I'm about to talk about the most funny books I have come across.  Personally I think any books by Andy Griffiths are the best!!!.First of all there are the Just... series such as Just Crazy,Just annoying,Just Disgusting and many more.There is also The 13 story tree house and others in that series.I have also come across the Pencil of doom I have not read that yet but I would like to it seems very funny.

Funniest Books In The Universe #1

 There are few books funnier than U.F.O:Unavoidable.Family.Outing by Dave Hackett. This book is so funny that if it was made into a movie, I wouldn't be surprised if people came out of the movie theatre with stained pants because they wet themselves from laughing too hard. The book is about a family of five who take a road trip from Sydney all the way to Cape York in Australia. But everything goes hilariously wrong when the eldest girl, Jessica, thinks her boyfriend, BRAD, has been kidnapped after she receives a ransom note on her phone, and the car breaks down after the dad puts an apple pie in the engine and left it to cook. But the funniest part is when the family had to wait two or three days at a gas station that was only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Comedy Gold written on 241 pages!                          

Movie vs Book

Hey, my name is Xanthe; I am going to review the book compared to the movie. Today I will be focusing on The Mortal Instruments- City Of Bones. I loved the book so much and I am currently reading the second book, City Of Ashes. After finishing the first book I jumped on the computer and watched the movie... I was very disappointed with the movie because it missed so much like: Important information that makes parts of it make sense. I thought that the filming was amazing and the actors and actresses fitted well but it wasn't very well written. I was ecstatic when I heard they were re-creating it as a TV program, so i now have very high expectations about it.

About the book: As I read it, my heart couldn't stop pounding, from the time I started to the time I finished I was always on the edge of my seat. It was very well paced and had amazing detail. If there was one thing that could be improved about the book I would say the ending, it did end well but I feel like it finished much to early.

About the movie: When I was watching the movie I thought to myself that the people playing the parts did an amazing job at being the character they were meant to be, I also think that some of the senses they did were very well done; one of my favourites would have to have been the midnight greenhouse picnic with Jace and Clary. That was well shot and well acted, they were able to take the mood from in the book and put on a screen so i congratulate them. But, I could always point out something wrong with it, Either it was missing some important dialogue or an entire scene. This for me is the reason why the movie was one of the worst adaptations of a book I have ever seen.

All in all I think that is was an amazing book but a pretty average movie. There will be more of these including books like: Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Fault In Our Stars, and The Maze Runner.

Books rules

Hi im Talia
1) because  when im bored i like to read books
2) Its fun Kinda
3)The book that im Reading now is called Starters  its about theres this person and her name is Callie and she lost her parents Then she lost her home and finally she lost her body But she will stop at nothing to get it back....
4)What would i pick out of Movies or books ?
5) whats my favourite Book ?  The fault in our start  thats book is so sad :(

# books rule movies drewl

hi im bobbie im going to tell you about my fave book i am number four and the rest of the sequels
it is jamed packed with love action adventures to other planets killing war romance heartbreaks and loads of interesting drama so if you wanna book like this and wanna hear more about come to our website.

here is a quote from the main character number four
and i quote
 i will fight i will defend i will survive this invasion and i will protect my loved ones and my race  and i will defend my new home earth.


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