Thursday, March 5, 2015

you know you love violence and mystery

Hello again its Breana bringing you the joy of violence and love and the occasional magic spells as in witch craft and humans turning into beast and bloodsuckers that make you wanna scream mooohaaa.
today ill be talking about the joyful and violent book the cursed ones. This is a powerful story about an eighteen year old girl named Jenn she is a kind loving soul with a dark secret of her own. she is a hunter she is a vampire hunter when she was little her family was killed by vampires and her world was nearly destroyed but she survived. a few years after the war of vamps and humans she went to an school were the teach young girls and boys to kill and destroy vampires but along the way she figures out the one boy that she dearly longs for is a bloodsucking soulless demon but it turns out that he can control his hungry angry and strength just from being around her. Jenn is only eighteen and she is already having problems with her new slaying team but finds out that there is a traitor among her teammates and trying to find out who is the imposter well it be the werewolf Holgar will be the her love Antonio  will it be the white witch Eriko or will be the powerless superhuman Jamie. if you wanna know these answers read this book and you'll sink into the drama.

thats all i got write to you next time on read like a boss Im one of your hosts read yah later.

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